Gone Too Long

I have to leave you today, I won't be gone long, I promise. 
Please don't cry, my heart can't take it, I will be back home soon.
I'll hold you for a little longer as your head rests upon my shoulder.
I have to go. I give you to another, my heart yearning to stay. 
But the door closes behind me, how will I get through this today?

I wonder if she is okay with my heart aching and the music blasting through my ear drums as my destination approaches. 
Is she crying? Did I leave her enough to eat?
I pace through my shift, I must keep busy.

But time is not going fast enough, the sun is barely setting
reminding me, that I am missing our afternoon stroll, my eyes swell with an overflow streaming down my cheeks.
I call, longing to see your precious face, hear your sweet voice, but yet 
You were crying, your father's eyes were worried, but I could not come. 

What have I done? You did not chose for your parents to be away at separate times of the day, but finally I race home to you. 
Silence fills our home as I scoop you into my arms close to my chest
with a breath of relief, for our love is strong. 

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