Cecilia’s Journey pt. One

The wind howls and the roars of thunder vibrates against the creaky wooden house filled with different ages of children waiting for their forever home, and there sat Cecilia gazing upon the racing rain drops streaming down her clouded window as she waits for her worker, Karen, to tell her the next failure home she will be going to. Cecilia shakes her head and scoffs as she storms past her two roommates into the compact bathroom. “Why are you pacing so much Cil? Karen will be here like any minute and then you will be back in… hmmm… let’s say a week this time?”, Sabrina snickered.

“Ha, she will probably come back sooner if they think they got a boy instead of a girl! I mean look at her! All she ever does is dress like a slob. “, Cristina rolled her eyes giggling.

“Don’t you guys ever just get tired of your own bullshit? Like does that taste in your mouth feel good?”, Cecilia snaps as she slams the bathroom door.

Cecilia places her hands against the sink and squeezes her eyes shut. The pounding of her heart vibrates through her ears, as her stomach twists and knots and her grip weakens from the moisture along her palms. Cecilia shakily inhales, trying to clear her mind, but the flashes of her previous home with Mr. Clark takes over. As if she could still feel the weight of his body on top of hers she grips her shirt gasping to breathe. “You’re okay, this won’t be the same… this time will be different.”, Cecilia whispers as her lips quiver.

“Cil! Karen is here! Hurry up already!”, Sabrina called out.

Cecilia lets out a deep breath and glances at the mirror, glaring at her wild dark hair trying to be contained in a sloppy bun. “Lets get this over with.”, Cecilia sighed. Cecilia gathers her bags and headed to Karen’s rusty grey car.

“You had me waiting awhile, I thought you might have gotten a bit more ready. “, Karen sighed.

“You should lower your expectations, we both know this won’t work. “, Cecilia rolls her eyes and faces the passenger window.

“You will be with the Rodriguez family, they are extremely friendly and they’re looking forward to meeting you, so please behave this time. This will be nothing like the Clarks. “, Karen explains as she begins to drive.

“That’s what they all say. The first few days are all nice until they are ready for their true motive for me. Like doing all the chores or being a nanny, we’ve been over this-I will be eighteen soon and once I am I will be on my own and I will just be better off that way so why must we keep going to new families?”

“Just… give them a chance that’s all I ask.”, Karen pleaded.

Cecilia turns her glance at Karen, realizing her efforts in trying to find her a home and begins to feel guilty as she remembers their history. “I-I’m sorry Karen, I know you mean well… you’re like the closest I have to family. I guess I’m just tired of doing this all the time. I’ve been in the system since I was six, after awhile, I’ve just started to hate meeting these people who put on this show to make you believe they’re great people until they get comfortable enough to show their true colors. I just want to find my real mom, she’s bound to want me now that I can take care of myself!”, Cecilia ranted.

Karen pulls over rapidly, “Cecilia, I need you to keep that out of your mind, do you understand me? Your mom is not someone you need to go searching for. You were brought into the foster care system because of her drug abuse, to assume she is okay is childish and you know it”, Karen scolded.

Karen’s brown eyes looked more stern than Cecilia has ever seen, and her pulled back hair reveals her silver streaks and wrinkles along her face. Karen has always dressed professionally, but bland due to the lack of options for her large size. Cecilia did not want to argue with Karen anymore, but she could not shake the desire to be with her mother again.

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