Cecilia’s Journey pt. 3

Cecilia shook her and her brother’s hand, then whispered, “Hello.”

“Where will Cecilia be sleeping?”, Karen asked.

“Oh yes, she will be in the room over here.”, Mrs. Rodriguez gestured walking past the living room to the end where a double door stood.

Two doors instead of one, Cecilia was baffled at the sight, no one she had stayed with had a room with two doors, let alone, for her. Mrs. Rodriguez grips her hands on the doorknob and gracefully reveals, Cecilia’s room. Double the size of her room from the group home, it even had space for dressers and a desk. Cecilia was in awe from the spacious room, but she wanted to remain collected in front of Mrs. Rodriguez and Karen. But, Karen caught Cecilia slightly grinning, but she quickly stopped in the midst of it.

“We usually had this room for our family members to stay when they rarely visit, but now Cecilia can make an even better use of this room. I hope you like it.”, Mrs. Rodriguez gushed smiling ear to ear.

Karen glanced around and observed Cecilia’s reactions to her new home. “Well, everything seems to be in shape, Cil, are you okay with me leaving now?”, Karen asked raising her thin eyebrow.

“Uh, yea I should be fine.”, Cecilia assured nodding.

“Alright, well it was a pleasure Mrs. Rodriguez and Cil, if you need anything give me a call I will be checking in within the next few days . “, Karen smiled shaking Mrs. Rodriguez hand.

As Karen walked towards the front door, Cecilia desperately wanted to stop her from leaving, the fear of her alone with people now that her only sense of protection is gone paralyzed her speech. But, once she had left, everyone remained the same. Cecilia kept dreading for the masks to be taken off, each exchange was just as nice as before. As Mrs. Rodriguez showed Cecilia the children’s rooms, she did not demand restrictions, but welcomed her to ‘bother them’. Cecilia couldn’t help but feel in a haze, as a memory of her welcoming from the Clarks.

The Clarks showed Karen a ‘room’ Cecilia was supposed to have, but had her sleep in the living room on a lumpy pullout couch mattress. The first night, Cecilia wanted to call Karen, but Mr. Clark had taken the phone into his room. Only to lay next to her in the living room. But that was only the beginning of the couple weeks she had been there.

“Are you okay Cecilia? Is this too overwhelming?”, Mrs. Rodriguez asked softly.

Cecilia jolted, and shook her head, “Oh, sorry, I-I’m just tired that’s all. Your home is very nice. “

Mrs. Rodriguez brushed her dark silky hair behind her ears and smiled warmly at Cecilia with her brown eyes aligned with Cecilia’s.

“Of course, why don’t you lay down, I need to start leaving soon and Mr. Rodriguez will be here soon.”, She suggested placing her hand on Cecilia’s shoulder.

Cecilia couldn’t help, but to admire her beauty even her children shared her flawless appearance. However, she couldn’t understand why they would want her, for Cecilia saw many flaws within her looks alone. As she laid in her newly stiff twin size bed, she compared every inch of flaw to their radiance. Soon, in the distance, a deep echo called out, “Hey gorgeous, how was everything today?”

“Hey hon, Cecilia is here now, once you wash up I’m going to head out to work. “, Mrs. Rodriguez cheered.

“Yup, I’ll be right out”. Mr. Rodriguez grumbled as the sound of his feet pounding up the stairs echoed on Cecilia’s ceiling.

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