Creative Escape

My name is Marie Lynn Barajas, I decided to begin my writing portfolio and explore my passion and skills. I always have used writing as a coping mechanism through trauma I have experienced, which will show in my writing. Also, I will be revealing my growth through my adolescence and early adulthood. I am a mother, wife and studying psychology to earn a career as a psychologist. I intend for this site to be welcoming to other writers and readers who want to join my journey towards improvement. I look forward to getting to know you all!


In this portfolio, I will be submitting my poetry work, as well as anyone who would like to share their original poems. If anyone who would like to submit wants their work anonymous I will address the information as so, I will not be taking any credit for other’s writing work. I want to give a space for creative individuals the freedom and experience of sharing their work.


My greatest passion, is writing fiction stories. As a child I would write short fiction stories with many different themes, I would find myself lost in my work. I found the courage to self publish a novel in high school, but now with the learning experience I have I realized I needed a lot of improvement. I will be sharing my short stories whether in full or in parts depending on what this site will fit for space. I hope you all will enjoy and will share some of your work as well.